Jewelry Care

It is crucial to us to provide you with high quality items for an affordable price so we never use lead, nickel or brass in any of our products however, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your pieces we do recommend that you follow these instruction.

Although you can wear your jewelry in water it is highly recommended that you take your jewelry off before showering and or swimming in chlorine or salt water. Remove your jewelry before exercising or doing activities that requires you to sweat a lot to ensure longevity of your pieces. Apply lotions, oils, perfumes prior to putting on your jewelry, wipe your jewelry with a cotton bail to remove any dirt, and you can even soak them in warm water and soap to remove any hard to get stain and lastly store in a dry and cool place. Every order comes with a gift box that is ideal for jewelry storage 

Your items will remain shiny and bright for a longer time if you care, clean and protect them properly :)